Sophie Clarke, Author of Gratifying Romance Novels

Everyone loves romance especially if it includes a great plot centering around individuals falling in love and struggling to make a relationship work.

Romance novels with an emotionally gratifying and satisfying ending are what makes Sophie Clarke’s books so intriguing.

The lovers in Sophie’s books struggle and urn for each other. Their relationships are rewarded with emotional justice and unconditional love.

Sophie invites you into worlds of love, intrigue, domination, and scandalous requests. From tales of enemies becoming lovers, her pulse-pounding romance books will ignite your desires and keep you turning the page.

Sophie’s erotic and sensual books arouse and satisfy her readers. She interwinds friendship, passion, and love. Questions about just how far her main characters will go when they’re pushed by circumstances outside their control.

The Naval Affair by Sophie Clarke

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More about The Naval Affair by Sophie Clarke

The guy who knocked me up a year ago is back in town. In my defense, I didn’t know his deployment would end so soon. I would have figured out a better way to break the news to him. You try telling the SEAL you had a one-night stand with that you had his kid without telling him.

I expected the worst but instead got Captain Trevor ‘Involved Father’ McKenna. I had a good thing going before he barged in. I lived with my best friends raising our kids together, Golden Girls style, no boys allowed and he ruined it.

Now we’re trying to make it work as a family in the same apartment. He’s different than I remember and I didn’t realize until he was on top of me again. I never wanted a boyfriend. I had it all planned out before he came back. He’s not allowed to come back and change everything in my life. He can’t come in and start complaining about my parenting style. He’s not allowed to come back and make me fall in love with him.

Trevor, the smoldering Navy SEAL is used to captaining his own life. After his 13 month deployment, he discovers that Camille, who was supposed to be a one time fling, has been harboring something that will change the course of their lives forever; their son Zachary. Will finding out if Zachary is in fact Trevor’s son dock this sailor for life? Or will feelings cloud his judgement?

Sophie Clarke Author

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Crossing The Line by Sophie Clarke

Crossing The Line

My brother’s best friend, a fiery night in Vegas… it’s too bad he’s also my boss

I’ve known Toby forever, but I’ve always just been Vivian, his best friend’s little sister.

I thought that’s all I’d ever be until we shared what I thought was a passionate night in Vegas, but then he stomped on my heart like it meant nothing.

I planned to never see him again until I walked into my new internship and found out he owns the company I’m now working for.

We agree to pretend like Vegas never happened, which would be easy if we didn’t keep running into each other. It doesn’t take long before we’re sneaking around and hooking up in his office during our lunch breaks.

Then someone finds out about us and threatens to ruin Toby’s business. I can’t let him lose everything because of me, but I can’t stay away, either.

Not when I’m also carrying his child.

Vivian is celebrating her new career opportunity in Vegas, where she runs into her brother’s best friend and her childhood crush, Toby. Toby is a player on the court and in his dating life. Things heat up between the two, as if he didn’t betray her years ago when he went to college. Will fate destroy everything in its path to make sure these two lovers come together, or will blackmail and greed keep them apart forever?

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About Sophie Clarke

Sophie Clarke is an American author of contemporary romance novels. Her stories always include a diverse cast of characters with a variety of professions. Her topical romance stories explore a sophisticated, complex set of situations, and are bound to enthrall you from beginning to end. Sophie understands literature, and how to pull a reader into her beautifully written stories. She’s bound to provide you with all the passion and drama that you’re looking for in a top-quality romance novel.

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